Booth Packages

Bare space: Only bare space will be provided, and no octonorm panels, no carpet, no power and no fixtures & furniture will come with bare space.

Built-up stand of 9sqm (3×3) includes:

  • 2/3 side wall partition (white laminated octonorm panel -1mtr Width x 2.5mtr Height )
  • Fascia with company name and stall number in vinyl sticker cut out, 1 Lockable Cabinet, 1 Table and 3 Chairs
  • One power socket (single/three phase)
  • Three spot lights
  • 9sqm carpet and 1 waste paper basket

All built-up stands come in multiple of 9sqm

For further information and to book a booth, please contact

Middle East, Africa & India

Arvah Bohra

North & South America, UK and other parts of the world

Ed Rich