Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to your queries about the show

  • What is Sleep Expo Middle East?
    A: Sleep Expo Middle East is the ONLY dedicated event of its kind in the Middle East and Africa region for this growing sector. In fact, it is the ideal platform for exhibitors including Mattress Manufacturers, Mattress Machinery, Sleep technology & Accessories, Bed Linen, and Sleeping Aids suppliers and distributors from the international sectors to showcase their products, innovations, and solutions to the growing market.
  • When does Sleep Expo Middle East take place?
    A: The Sleep Expo Middle East takes place from February 9-11, 2020, at Hall 4, Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • What is new this year?
    A: The second edition of Sleep Expo Middle East will have 2 verticals – Sleep Tech & Sleep Care. While Sleep Tech largely deals with Mattress Raw Materials and Technology, Mattress Machinery and Unfinished Goods, the Sleep Care will comprise of Finished Goods technology and solutions in mattress, pillows, duvets & other Sleeping Aids.
  • What are the opening Hours?
    A: The show will be open from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Where is it held?
    A: The Sleep Expo Middle East is being held at Hall 4, Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • Who should visit?
    A: Sleep Expo Middle East will cater to visitors who have a keen interest in sleep technology, raw materials, and mattress machinery. Or if you are involved in the business of Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare sectors or even someone facing issues with their Sleep, the show is for you.
  • Is there any Fee to attend event or the conference?
    A: Sleep Expo Middle East and the Sleep Conference Middle East is a FREE to attend event. All you have to do is pre-register to ensure your place at the Conference and to receive all the latest updates prior to the show.