Marija Sostaric

Marija Šoštarić has been immersed into sports, fitness and health from a young age. Since her childhood she has been participating in all kinds of sports and out of love for the game, she enrolled into the Kinesiology Faculty at the University of Split, Croatia graduating with a degree in Kinesiology and Sports science.

Always ready to move, Šoštarić upon graduating has been involved in various sporting activities adding valuable experience as a personal trainer as she has worked with people from all age groups: coaching professional athletic teams to doing dance and gymnastics with children.

Today Šoštarić runs her own private training company, Tamreen in the UAE which has around 30 exclusive members some of which are from the Royal Family and Ministers in the country. What makes her stand out is her holistic approach towards life and how she incorporates sports in a fun and manageable manner, always tailored to the clients needs. Her fitness programs include a combination of Pilates, aerobics, boot camp, body pump, cross fit, gymnastics and ballet. She also does basic segments on nutrition and food and runs performance monitoring to ensure results and quality control.

Her past experience includes being a personal trainer for the Aalborg Swim Club team in Denmark, animation team manager and head entertainer at Theatrum in Croatia plus was an ice skating instructor at a shopping centre in Split, Croatia amongst other things.

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