DMMET GROUP was established in 1996 in Kocaeli Kartepe. Its foundation was laid by Ünal BAY and his partners. Our brands; *DÖNEM MAKİNA *SANDWICH PANEL PRODUCTION LINE *OTOPUR *METPUR *ADVANCED POLYURETHANE MACHINE *DMMET ENGINEERING Our company manufactures sandwich panel production lines, metal trapezoidal rollform machine, metal tile rollform machine, cut-to-length lines, slitting lines and polyurethane injection machines. Later on, it started to manufacture the production line for the single-layer panel, which is known as the more economical model, although the patent is completely owned by itself. Our products from these production lines are generally used as insulation and coating materials on roofs and facades in constructions. We are currently meeting the needs of the industry by serving with 4 factories in Kartepe. Together with its highly qualified technical team of 200 people, it works with experts in the field of foreign and domestic, following the latest technologies and integrating them into its structure. In the last 27 years, DMMET has progressed to become an important exporter of Sandwich Panel production line and rollform machines to the world markets with its customers in all machine-consuming countries of the global geography from all continents. From the first day we started our journey, we work hard with our stakeholders to provide the best service and products to our customers. As DMMET GROUP, we also manufacture separately polyurethane machines used in the automotive, furniture, refrigeration and construction sectors. By adopting customer satisfaction, we have always approached problems like a solution partner. To solve the problems of our customers in the most appropriate way and In order to provide the best service to our customers, we continue our work by always looking for the best. We promise that we will continue to provide added value to our customers, employees, industry and society throughout our journey of more than 26 years and in the future. We thank our customers, employees and business partners for continuing to walk with us.

Cepni Mahallesi Kiremithan Sokak No:21 Kartepe / KOCAELİ / TURKEY

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