Guangzhou Yourun Synthetic Material

Guangzhou Yourun Synthetic Material Co.,Ltd. is a high tech enterprise devotes to the R&D and manufacture of eco-friendly polyurethane catalyst (substitutes for organo-mercury/lead/tin) and functional additives for polyurethane application. We provide customers with high-quality and differentiated technical solutions through innovative functional additives including PU catalysts, PU anticatalyst, PU chain extender, dispersant, defoamer, antistatic agent, anti abrasion agent, antioxidant, anti-yellowing agent, rheological agent, moisture scavenger, release agent, PU adhesive, etc. Yourun’s products are widely used in PU waterproof coating, PU floor coating, PU plastic sport track, PU elastomers, PU adhesive and sealant, PU coating and paints, PU foam, PU leather, PU reinforced material, and other polyurethane applications.

Rm 701,the 16th Center Plaza,Tianan Hi-Tech Ecological Park. No.555 Panyu Avenue North Guangzhou China.

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