ISC s.r.l. TOGETHER TOWARDS THE FUTURE! Based at north of Milan, ISC Ltd is a dynamic and young company settled by a team of specialized engineers and technical skilled people with more than 20 years of experience in the PU application. Our equipment are realized with simplicity, robustness and less maintenance as possible to optimize production capability and investments. ISC Service s.a.s. is the leading Italy specialist in polyurethane metering machinery after sale service. Our core business focus is to provide efficient technical service and spare parts solutions. Our mission is to ensure every customer achieves competitive advantage by imparting our knowledge and expertise to your process. We aim to achieve this through our four core values: - Engineering Expertise - Spare Parts Delivery - Breakdown Response - Innovation ************************************************************************************************************************** LAROSA PILLOWS AND MATTRESSES INDUSTRIAL CO., L.L.C. Larosa Pillows & Mattresses Industrial Company LLC is at the forefront of innovation from foam mattress design and the production of a wide range of quality products, in partnership with ISC, Romania, with over 40 years of experience in Industrial design manufacturing and quality assurance. Larosa Pillows–part of Larosa Group, is consolidating its core business through the introduction of innovative value-added foam pillows and accessories under the brand name SNUGGLY. All our MEMORY pillows are made of polyurethane foam using COSYPUR technology, a trademark registered by BASF. Memory foam is manufactured in the UAE by Larosa Pillows in partnership with ISC RO Technology SRL is ergonomically made In high-quality odorless foam; an anti-mite inhibits mold formation which is an essential component of mite’s food chain resulting to an anti-mite resistant. Its highly resilient polyurethane foam is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and made from a material that does not contain CFC (chloro-fluoro-carbides) and other pollutants for the environment. Additionally, Larosa Pillows use Cooling Thermal Regulation Technology that adapts your body to moderate temperature for a fresh start from a night of good quality sleep. How we can be useful to your business and what we offer: ∙ Private labeling ∙ Contract manufacturing ∙ Ready products with an in-house brand at its earliest delivery ∙ High quality memory foam material

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