Pluskim Kimya

At Pluskim (Istanbul, Turkey / Texas, USA / Warsaw, Poland), we are proud to be recognized as one of the top five polyurethane systems houses in Turkey. With our extensive experience, we have established a strong reputation for manufacturing high-quality polyurethane foam raw material chemicals. Our product range includes materials for various applications such as spray foam, sandwich panels, insulation, flexible/memory foam, integral foam, HR mold foam, wood imitation, footwear, and case foam systems. With a production capacity of over 75,000 tons, we ensure a consistent supply of reliable raw materials. Our commitment to quality has led us to export to more than 45 countries, and we have established a strong presence in the European market. With ample stock at our warehouses in Poland, the US, and Turkey, we provide a reliable one-stop solution for all your raw material needs.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Mahallesi 1625. Sk. No:2 Kıraç - Esenyurt / İstanbul-Türkiye

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