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RETICULATUS GmbH is a German company that specializes in development and manufacturing of reticulation machines. The machines are used for production of open-pored PUR foam by a process called reticulation. The company was founded in 1998 by Jörn Struckmann and Axel Schulz. Since its foundation, more than 45 reticulation machines have been delivered worldwide and are still in operation Reticulated foam finds a wide range of applications, such as matrixes for ceramic filter for metal casting, air/water filter, active carbon filter, outdoor seat cushion, mattresses, cleaning/polishing sponge, gutter foam, batteries blood dialysis filter and much more. Reticulatus GmbH offers machines that can reticulate blocks and rolls made of polyether and polyester foam with a pore structure between 10 and 100 ppi in all colours and densities. Reticulatus also provides contract reticulation services for blocks since 2022 at its INNO-LAB in Germany.

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