With more than twenty-five years of experience, Sepehr Dunya International Commercial Production Unit has been one of the pioneers in the production of hard polyurethane foam and soft polyurethane systems in the Middle East region. Relying on the principle of creativity, we strive to provide high quality products and find the best solution in polyurethane systems. Through the production of high-quality chemical products and sustainable cooperation with related companies, we are always at the forefront of creating green industrial environments. The production unit of Sepehr Dunya International Trade is equipped with the most advanced technology in production, and this has caused it to always be one step ahead and meet the needs of customers in the shortest possible time.

No. 1429 , fakouri 6 th , Fakouri Blvd. 2nd Phase, Shkouhieh Industrial City , befor city of Qom 33342729 - 33 ; 36159 - 025 admin@sepehrdonya.ir

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